Reclaimed R22 Availability

A short term solution to take the pressure off?

With the use of reclaimed HCFCs still permitted until December 2014, this could be a viable short-term solution to the ban on virgin R22.

And while some lower specification reclaimed R22 may not be up to scratch, HRP is able to supply BOC product, reclaimed from waste to a purity of 99.5% virgin specification.  So the pressure’s off? Not quite. With reclaimed HCFCs only accounting for 12% of the required demand for virgin R22 product, supply and prices are likely to be a real issue over the next few years.

Cash for Gas

To ensure an adequate supply of reclaimed R22 continues to be available to the market, ensure all your recovered R22 is returned to HRP or BOC for proper reprocessing.

Customers returning over 40kg of reclaimable R22 in a single cylinder will be paid a credit of at least £2.00 per kg after the refrigerant has been processed. Higher credit rates may be available for quantities over 1 tonne returned in a single transaction. Credits are also available for reclaimable R134a.

R22 Services Available

BOC offer a number of services to help you make switch away from HCFCs quickly

  • Full waste management service including
    • Provision of recovery cylinders.
    • Reclamation service or disposal of contaminated or out of spec refrigerants.
  • High speed onsite recovery service
    • BOC provides compact, high speed refrigerant recovery equipment direct to the end use site where it will be operated by our qualified personnel, requiring no customer assistance. The equipment recovers refrigerant up to ten times faster than standard recovery equipment.