Retrofit HFCs

Can your current system handle the heat?

Effected by the R22 and HCFC phase out? Don’t worry, BOC can help release the pressure.

As the largest supplier of packaged refrigerants in the UK and Ireland, BOC is perfectly placed to advise you on suitable HFC retrofit replacements, including the leading ISCEON™ products such as R422D.

Indeed, now’s the perfect time to look at upgrades to your current system, whether that’s reviewing energy efficiency, taking a wider environmental outlook, or weighing up the long and short term cost implications. Not to mention future-proofing against potential future controls on HFCs.

If you are unsure of the best product to retrofit your system to, contact your HRP Service. We have all the expertise you need to advise you every step of the way.

Below are case studies that show how their performance compares with the HCFC refrigerants they have replaced.

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Retrofit Products and Case Study Information

DuPont™ ISCEON® Products


Easy-to-use, non-ozone-depleting HFC retrofit refrigerants for CFC and HCFC equipment, including the leading retrofit gas R422D.

  • Provides easy, quick, cost-effective retrofits
  • Non-ozone-depleting HFCs
  • In most cases, no change of lubricant type during retrofit is required
  • Can be topped off during service without removing the entire charge
  • Provides required performance after retrofit
  • Lower operating temperatures and/or pressures versus R22


  • Enables continued use of existing equipment with minimal downtime for retrofit
  • Avoids costly equipment replacement for equipment owner
  • Provides potential for improved compressor reliability and life
  • Enables accelerated transition away from ozone-depleting refrigerants
  • Facilitates compliance with environmental regulations
  • Provides opportunity to promote environmental leadership

Easy-to-use retrofit refrigerants for every application

ISCEON® Pressure Temperature Guide Filesize: 73kb

ISCEON® MO29 (R422D)

R422D has emerged as the leading retrofit alternative to R22, and is being successfully used in numerous applications across a wide temperature range.

ISCEON® MO29 or R422D is an easy-to-use, non-ozone-depleting HFC refrigerant for replacing R22 in low- and medium-temperature direct expansion (DX) refrigeration applications, including commercial supermarket systems, and in stationary DX air-conditioning applications, including DX water chillers.


ISCEON® MO29 / R422D Product Factsheet Filesize: 17kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D Safety Datasheet Filesize: 27kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D Pressure Enthalpy Chart Filesize: 1.8MB

Case Studies

ISCEON® MO29 / R422D - Building Air Conditioning Case Study Filesize: 86kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D - Stellar Group Case Study Filesize: 1.3MB
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D - Banana Storage Case Study Filesize: 177kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D - Milk Processing Case Study Filesize: 73kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D - Restaurant Case Study Filesize: 603kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D - REWE Supermarket Case Study Filesize: 233kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D - Pathmark Supermarket Case Study Filesize: 233kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D - ABCO Refrigerant Case Study Filesize: 96kb
ISCEON® MO29 / R422D Retrofitting Guidelines Filesize: 219kb

ISCEON® MO59 (R417A)

ISCEON MO59 or R417A is an easy-to-use, non-ozone-depleting HFC retrofit refrigerant for R22 in direct expansion stationary air-conditioning (AC) and medium-temperature commercial refrigeration systems.


ISCEON® MO59 / R417A Product Information Sheet Filesize: 16kb
ISCEON® MO59 / R417A Safety Data Sheet Filesize: 28kb
ISCEON® MO59 / R417A Pressure Enthalpy Chart Filesize: 1.8MB

Case Studies

ISCEON® MO59 / R417A - Refrigeracion STARR Case Study Filesize: 102kb
ISCEON® MO59 / R417A - Air Four Case Study Filesize: 1.0MB

ISCEON® MO79 (R422A)

ISCEON® MO79 or R422A is an easy-to-use, non-ozone-depleting HFC refrigerant for replacing R22, R502 and HCFC-containing refrigerant blends in low-temperature commercial and industrial direct expansion refrigeration systems. (Can also be used for medium temperature systems)


ISCEON® MO79 / R422A Product Information Sheet Filesize: 17kb
ISCEON® MO79 / R422A Safety Data Sheet Filesize: 23kb
ISCEON® MO79 / R422A Pressure Enthalpy Chart Filesize: 1.8MB

Case Studies

ISCEON® MO79 / R422A - IBL Cold Stores Case Study Filesize: 123kb
ISCEON® MO79 / R422A Retrofit Guidelines Filesize: 207kb

ISCEON® MO99 (R438A)

ISCEON® MO99 (R438A) is a new retrofit refrigerant for R22 replacement, designed specifically for DX water chillers with capacity critical Thermostatic Expansion Valves. MO29 (R422D) remains the multipurpose refrigerant and gives a satisfactory performance in the majority of DX water chillers.


ISCEON® MO99 (R438A) Product Information Sheet Filesize: 17kb
ISCEON® MO99 (R438A) Retrofit Guidelines Filesize: 418kb
ISCEON® MO99 / R438A Safety Data Sheet Filesize: 32kb
ISCEON® MO99 / R438A Pressure Temperature Table Filesize: 145kb
ISCEON® MO99 / R438A Pressure Enthalpy Diagram Filesize: 142kb

Case Studies

ISCEON® MO99 vs ISCEON® MO29 Water Chiller Case Study Filesize: 220kb

RS Series Products

The RS refrigerants are non-ozone-depleting and can be used with both traditional lubricants and the new synthetic lubricants. They provide a simple and low-cost method for switching away from HCFCs.


RS Series R22 Applications Summary Filesize: 29kb
RS Series Application and PT Tables Filesize: 50kb
RS Series in Water Chillers Summary Filesize: 37kb

RS-44 (R424A)

Suitable for replacing R22 in air-conditioning applications across the range of equipment, and can be used in systems with a capillary as well as an expansion device. Also replaces R411B, R415A and R418A.


RS-44 (R424A) Product Information Sheet Filesize: 17kb
RS-44 (R424A) Safety Data Sheet Filesize: 23kb
RS-44 (R424A) Pressure Temperature Table Filesize: 23kb
RS-44 (R424A) Pressure Enthalpy Chart Filesize: 155kb

Case Studies

RS-44 (R424A) Air Conditioning - Cable & Wireless Case Study Filesize: 119kb
RS-44 (R424A) Air Conditioning - Kincore Holdings Case Study Filesize: 135kb
RS-44 (R424A) Heat Pump Trial Filesize: 32kb
RS-44 (R424A) Walk-In Cooler Trial Filesize: 34kb
RS-44 (R424A) Window Air Conditioner Trial Filesize: 29kb
RS-44 (R424A) Walk-In Cooler, Canada Trial Filesize: 34kb

RS-45 (R434A)

Potential option for OEMs and can also be used to replace R22 across the range of applications and temperatures including air-conditioning and low-temperature refrigeration. RS-45 is a capacity match for R22 but should not be used in systems with a capillary.


RS-45 (R434A) Product Information Sheet Filesize: 17kb
RS-45 (R434A) Safety Data Sheet Filesize: 27kb
RS-45 (R434) Pressure Temperature Table Filesize: 19kb
RS-45 (R434) Pressure Enthalphy Chart Filesize: 36kb

Case Studies

RS-45 (R434A) Flooded Chiller, British Energy, UK Filesize: 80kb
RS-45 (R434A) Huike Trial Results Filesize: 7kb

RS-52 (R428A)

Essentially, RS-52 is similar to R507 in its performance, has similar pressures and is near azeotropic with a glide of <1 degree centrigrade. RS-52 has been designed as a replacement for R502 and the interim ozone-depleting blends (e.g. R402A, R408A, R403B etc.), but it is also an excellent replacement for R22 at low temperatures where the system is designed to withstand R502 pressures.


RS-52 (R428A) Product Information Sheet Filesize: 17kb
RS-52 (R428A) Safety Data Sheet Filesize: 27kb
RS-52 (R428A) Pressure Temperature Table Filesize: 27kb
RS-52 (R428A) Pressure Enthalpy Chart Filesize: 52kb

Case Studies

RS-52 (R428A) Trial Filesize: 42kb

Arkema Products - Forane® R427A

Forane® R427A is a non-toxic, non-flammable zero-ODP refrigerant

Features and Benefits

Forane® R427A is a 100% HFC blend. It is consequently compatible with polyol ester (POE) oil. However one characteristic of Forane® 427A is to tolerate a high residual amount of original oil in the POE lubricant (good oil return up to 10-15% residual AB or mineral oil), which allows the simplified retrofit procedure.

Forane® R427A only requires one oil draining and its replacement by a POE lubricant.

Optimal performance close to R22 can be achieved without long and costly rinsing process of the circuit thanks to a high tolerance toward residual original oil (mineral or alkylbenzene).

No modification of the installation is required.

Applications and Uses

Forane® R427A is a simplified retrofit solution for R22 existing direct expansion installations in a large range of applications. It can be used to retrofit low-temperature refrigeration equipment as well as air-conditioning installations.


Arkema's Forane® 427A Presentation Filesize: 3.0MB
Arkema's Forane® 427A Pressure Temperature Chart Filesize: 194kb

Case Studies

Arkema's Forane® R427A Liquid Chiller Case Study Filesize: 455kb
Arkema's Forane® R427A Supermarket Case Study Filesize: 642kb
Arkema's Forane® R427A Water Chiller Case Study Filesize: 560kb
Arkema's Forane® R427A Biscuit Factory Case Study Filesize: 261kb


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